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Chakra Crystal Palm Stone and Smudge Kit with Lions Paw Shell

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For your consideration is this fabulous Chakra and Smudge set that contains the following:
1 Large 5-6 inch Lion's Paw shell to use as a burner for your smudges 
2 California White Sage torch
1 Clear Quartz Pyramid that measures approximately 1 inch square
1 Chakra Set Each stone in this set measures approximately 1.25 to 1.5 inches long and is engraved with it's corresponding Chakra symbol which is painted in gold.

The stones are as follows:
Crown- Amethyst
Third Eye- Blue Aventurine
Throat- Lapis
Heart- Green Aventurine
Solar Plexus- Golden Quartz
Sacral- Peach Aventurine
Root- Red Jasper

❤︎White Sage❤︎ is a very popular smudge used by native peoples of many cultures to cleanse, purify, and bless a space or person. It is thought to attract good spirits and cleanse negative energies. Very popular to use during meditation and prayer as an offering.