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3.4" STUNNING DT ET Diamantina Quartz Crystal Tabby Cathedral Record Keeper Starbrary

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For your consideration is this beautiful Diamantina clear quartz crystal from Diamantina, Brazil. Diamantina crystals are known for their incredible clarity and most have incredible glyphs many of which correlate to one or more specific constellations making these Starbrary crystals.

The crystal pictured is the one you will receive. This one is an incredibly rare double terminated tabby cathedral formation with extra terminations. It is prismatic and the faces of the ET end are covered with hundreds of Record Keepers that are so small they are impossible to photograph. These all measure less than a millimeter and are visible with a 20x magnification jeweler's loupe.This one measures 3.4 inches long and weighs 33 grams. 

Clear quartz is known as the Stone of Power. Produces harmony of the body and mind, allowing one to think more clearly an act effectively. Increases physical and mental energy, perseverance, and patience re-directs negative energy to a positive state. Enables one to laugh and love more easily. Amplifies the energy of other stones, as well as amplifies the energy of intention.
Chakra: Third Eye