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Peruvian Pink Opal Crystal Towers

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For your consideration is this gorgeous large Pink Opal crystal towers from Peru. Pink Opal is a shop favorite. It is such a pleasure to hold having a unique, soft feel to it.

These crystal towers are available in two sizes:
Medium- 3.25 to 3.5 inches tall and weigh 75 to 95 grams each.
Large- 3.75 to 4 inches tall and weigh 100 to 120 grams each.

You will receive *ONE* intuitively selected polished Pink Opal crystal point similar to the ones in the photos.

Pink Opal is a stone of Love and Compassion. It aids in the release of past emotional trauma renewing hope for the future. Enhances awareness and mindfulness. A calming stone, it relieves stress and worry and draws good luck. Chakra: Heart