RARE 4" DT Transmitter Channeler Amethyst Crystal with Inner Child Manifestation Polished Double Terminated Point

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For your consideration is this amazing Amethyst quartz crystal with an Inner Child crystal manifesting within it. It is cut and polished into a double terminated point and full of tiny rainbows. The wider end is a Transmitter Channeler with a 3-7-3-7 configuration to the facets of the faces with the 5th of the 6 faces being a 5 sided Isis Face . This one weighs 125 grams and measures just over 4 inches long.

Some Amethyst metaphysical properties are thought to include: Stone of peace, calms fears, raises hopes, lifts spirits, strengthens commitments. Helps overcome addictions. Increases psychic awareness. Aids good judgement. Excellent energy healer, especially with emotional issues. Chakra balancing.