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Personal Magic Booster Crystal Bundle Mojo Bag

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Perfect for an altar addition or as a pocket pack, these little mojo crystal bundles contain 5 stones meant to boost your personal magic.

The sizes and shapes of the stones may vary slightly from the example pictured, but you will receive the same stone assortment.

This one contains the following items all packed neatly in a purple organza bag: 

1. Nuummite is known as the Sorcerer's Stone. It is thought to unlock your true inner potential and spiritual strength. It is thought to draw out negative energies, imprints, hexes, and negative Karma. It is a very grounding stone and has a strong connection to the Earth and Nature.

2. Dendritic Opal (a.k.a. Merlinite, though not to be confused with "Mystic Merlinite" a.k.a. Indigo Gabbro) is a Stone of Spiritual Growth. Promotes powerful magic and good luck. Aids in Angelic and otherworld contact and communications. Attracts spiritual teachers and guides. Connects you to past lives and ancestors.

3. Amethyst is known as the Stone of Peace. It opens the third eye and crown chakras, calms fears, raises hopes, strengthens commitments. It enhances any magical working. Increases personal power and psychic awareness while providing psychic protection.

4. Labradorite is known as the Stone of Transformation. Instills strength and perseverance. Raises consciousness while grounding the Spirit. Strengthens intuition and psychic abilities. 5. Moonstone is knowns as the Stone of Destiny. It is a love drawing stone that holds the energy and power of the New Moon. Raises Psychic intuition and aids in dream and vision work. Promotes restful sleep when placed beneath your pillow and helps with conflict resolution.