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We are MOVING! 🎉

"The Journey is the Destination."
- Daniel Eldon -

Yup! On April 1st we will begin our move from Caspar, California to Providence, Rhode Island. This is a huge process involving the packing and unpacking of several tons of crystal babies and is going to take an estimated 3-4 weeks. We decided to leave the website open for business, but we will not be able to ship during this time. We hope to commence shipping on May 1st. All orders placed during this time will be receiving intuitively chosen gifts as rewards for your awesome patience.

As an additional token of our gratitude, we would like to offer you 15% OFF your next purchase with coupon code "Providence". Or simply click the link to have it automatically applied to your cart.

We will be hosting live sales on Instagram throughout this process as we unpack our treasures. Follow us for updates on our progress and to gain access to these exclusive, deeply discounted sales.

Yes! Caspar Curiosities was founded in the town of Caspar and we honor our history. The name has further relevance because its namesake, Saint Caspar, was one of the three Magi who were the first to recognize Jesus through the study of astrology. The gift Caspar gave to Jesus was Frankincense; a symbol of Divinity.

Because it's awesome! The word Providence is also rather serendipitous meaning "the protective care of Nature as a spiritual power". Rachael has roots in New England and attended art school in Maine. There are many exciting opportunities ahead and plans for the re-opening of Rachael's jewelry business; Nouveau Motley. Nouveau Motley is the project that enabled the birth of Caspar Curiosities but was put on the back burner due to the overwhelming commitment of running a brick-and-mortar art gallery featuring other people's art.

We are positively THRILLED and cannot wait to show you what's next!

The image above depicts the Ouroboros; a symbol of eternal return and rebirth, and the Eye of Providence; a symbol of the protective care of Nature as a spiritual power.


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