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Collection: Cobaltoan Calcite

Cobaltoan Calcite (aka Cobalto Calcite, Salrose, Pink Dolomite) is known as the Aphrodite Stone. It brings joy, happiness and emotional healing. Has a powerful heart based vibration. It raises our consciousness and also allows you to access spiritual learning. This crystal may aid you in the development of your psychic gifts and helps in the exploration of your past lives. Helps you to release buried emotions, and may help with grief, guilt or loss. Helps to overcome negative talk and to move towards a positive outlook. Cobaltoan Calcite crystals may assist you in discovering why you are here on planet Earth at this time.

   * Aphrodite Stone
   * Brings joy and happiness
   * Emotional healing
   * Helps in meditative state
   * Helps develops psychic gifts
   * Stimulates automatic writing

Element: Earth
Chakras: All

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