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Collection: Hollandite

Hollandite Quartz is a crystal known as the Path of Destiny.  This crystal can help one in meditation to awaken and activate one’s true self and identity.  It can bring memories from the future of what you are to become.  Hollandite quartz crystals can increase vibrational frequency patterns in your DNA.  Stimulates visionary abilities.  Sleeping with this crystal can open you to varieties of “aha” moments and aligns you with your Higher Self.  A good crystal to use in meditation to work with past and future life work.  It stimulates visioning abilities and is known to assist Starseed beings to acclimate to Earth’s energies.

   * Path of Destiny
   * Realization of Higher Self
   * Spiritual insight
   * Manifestation of Spirit
   * Past Life work
   * Awakening Spiritual purpose
   * Aha moments

Element:  Wind
Chakras:  All (1-7), Soul Star (8th)

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