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Three Kings Charcoal Roll Pack of 10 Briquettes 33mm

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Three Kings charcoal briquettes, sold by the 10 piece roll. Each briquette measures 33mm in diameter.

These can be used for burning incense or for use in hookahs for burning tobacco.

To use, you hold one side of the briquette with a pair of metal tongs or tweezers, and light the other with a lighter or match. You will see a line of sparks start to crawl across the briquette as it ignites. When the line of sparks reaches the other side, place in it either in a hookah, a specialty charcoal incense burner, or a firesafe bowl with 2 inches of sand, with the bowl shaped side facing up. When the sparks cease, place a few grains of resin incense, or other natural material, on the top and enjoy.

*Please never leave burning incense or charcoal unattended*