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Astrophyllite Arfvedsonite Crystal Tumbled Stones Medium

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Natural medium super flashy Astrophyllite (also known as Arfvedsonite) tumbled stones from Russia. They have Almandine Garnet inclusions. These pieces measure .75 to 1.25 inches.

Astrophyllite is thought to be a very powerful stone to use in finding your life's purpose. It infuses your spirit with light, brightening up the dark corners of your psyche to truly see your Self without external influences and energies. It assists one in moving quickly forward once your path is illuminated.
Chakra: Crown and Soul Star

Almandine Garnet is thought to be a stone of physical love and relationship. It is a supportive stone that removes fear, and attracts love. Stimulates passion, while strengthening feelings of emotional security and abundance.
Chakra: Root and Heart